Los Angeles-based Gallery 4016 recently presented a show of Danielle Gordon's work, entitled 'animation of an oddity'. The show ran from December 5, 2003 - January 3, 2004. Gallery 4016 is a newcomer to the LA art scene, and supports contemporary artists who work in all mediums.

dgordonDanielle Gordon has been working in clay since the age of 15 and hasn't looked back since.  She's influenced by everything that makes up our pop culture, including literature, movies, music, contemporary art, fashion, politics, architecture and well-designed objects. She is just as influenced by debris found in both the natural and man-made landscape, and can draw inspiration from castaway hardware and machinery parts, plants, flowers, cracks in the sidewalk, the way the land looks from an airplane, the patterns of objects, and more.

The work seen in the recent Gallery 4016 show is a mixture of those sources of inspiration, including specific references such as Gaudi's sculpture gardens in Barcelona, diseased plants, cast off automobile parts, spaceships and outer space imaginings, and shrines and containers that hold special meanings for all cultures.

For a view of the show's work, view Danielle's online portfolio.